Awesome Polar Icons

As early-career polar researchers, we value good science communication. We strive to make beautiful presentations, posters, and infographics; however we often struggle to find freely-available and accurate depictions of polar flora and fauna, scientific equipment, and other items related to our work. So, we have created a database of free design elements!

We would like to thank our icon creators
Xavier Dallaire, Xavier Giroux-Bougard, Rebecca Hennigs, Alexandra Langwieder, and Gwyneth MacMillan.
Contribute an icon

Contact us at APECS Canada if you would like to contribute an icon, we are always looking to expand our selection!

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What: a database of free design elements/icons to help polar researchers create beautiful and accurate presentations.

Format: SVG or PNG format. 

File Names: Where applicable, icons are named using scientific species names. Species names are followed by the first initial and last name of the icon’s creator (e.g., Pusa_hispida_ALangwieder.png). 

Acknowledgements: These icons are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Please credit the creator and "APECS Canada Awesome Polar Icons" in your acknowledgements.