Details of the Mentor Award

To be eligible for this award the candidate must have contributed significantly over a period of several years to the mentoring and fostering of polar early career researchers in Canada.


We encourage nomination packages from a variety of backgrounds for this award, including academics, industry professionals, community members, Elders, educators, public servants, and anyone else that has made a meaningful impact on polar early career researchers.


While candidates for the award may also be mentoring polar early career researchers that are not current APECS Canada or ASA members, those putting forward nominations must be members of APECS Canada or the ASA.

To be considered, all candidates must be nominated by a current/former student, peers and/or colleagues. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

To nominate a candidate the nominator must provide the Award Committee Chair with a nomination letter that includes:


  1. The candidate’s name and position

  2. A description of how the mentor has mentored based on the determined criteria and fostered early career polar researchers (max 1000 words).

  3. The candidate's curriculum vitae / resumé.

Each nomination letter must be supported by at least 3 other letters of support (max. 500 words). These should be submitted directly to the Award Committee Chair (


All nomination packages will be distributed to the Award Committee by the Chair. Nomination packages for the 2020-2021 APECS Canada-ASA Mentor Award are due to the committee chair by Friday, October 23, 11:59 PM EST.


If a nominated mentor does not receive the award in the year of submission, they will automatically be considered for the following two years (three year total). After this, a mentor's nomination will need to be re-submitted.

Review: All nominations under consideration will be reviewed by the Award Committee made up of 3-6 members from APECS Canada and the ArcticNet Student Association.

Criteria: Each of the below categories will be ranked for each candidate

  • Meaningful engagement with early career researchers

  • Originality and variety of support and mentoring opportunities (i.e. individuals, groups, the means the person uses in mentorship)

  • Impact of the support/mentoring

  • Variety of mentees the mentor has supported (i.e. early career researchers, scientific community, local community)

  • Engagement with northern communities (i.e. activities done beyond the research project)

Decision: The final decision will be made by consensus of the Award committee.

Each year the mentor award will be presented at the ArcticNet Annual Science Meeting, if the recipient cannot make the award ceremony, someone can receive it in their place.

The Chair will coordinate with the ArcticNet Student Association for the presentation ceremony.

Committee Chair (2020-21): Jacqueline Hung, Queen's University (
Enooyaq Sudlovenick, University of Prince Edward Island

Samuel Gagnon, Université Laval





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