APECS Canada is a diverse group of early career scientists who are part of the larger APECS network. We are involved in polar research, whether in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, and live or work in Canada. Our research runs the gamut – from ocean sciences to political sciences, from birds and whales to plants and permafrost…you name it, we’ve likely got it!


APECS Canada now has a board formed of members from across Canada and we will be working over the coming months and years to create great resources for all of the early career polar researchers in Canada!

APECS Canada Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure

On August 4th 2015 the APECS Canada board voted to accept the newly developed Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure. The board has been aiming to adhere to these self-created governance policies ever since. Throughout the years, the board has proposed a few amendments that were voted to adapt to our evolving situation.


You can read these documents here






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